Full-scale genocide against free Ukrainian nation is still taking place.

Help us win this awful ruzzian war in Ukraine. Every $ matter!

Hi, my name is Andrii. I am a web developer from Ukraine with over six years of commerce corporate/freelance experience in web/mobile development. I helped my clients to raise over $35 000 000 during this time and will be happy to hear about your project.

Tools and frameworks that i use are not limited to this list:


I will create and publish a web application on a no-code platform - bubble.io.


The world's leading designers use and love Semplice to establish their personal and customer brands. See inspiring portfolios

I will develop a full react application or feature according to your mockups, install additional modules, update dependencies, and optimize the project for production.


I will develop a Gatsby application along with workflows for automatic updates. Set up WordPress as headless CMS for building pages.

I will provide full-stack service for your WordPress site including custom development, updates, customizations, migration, and much more.


I will help to develop or set up WooCommerce storefront on your WordPress site, set up additional functionality, and customize order, product, and checkout pages according to design needs.

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